one down, three to go

It’s 4.30a.m., after days of bertungkus lumus memerah otak berkurung dalam bilik bergelumang dengan research papers, journal articles, accounting standards, lecture notes dan ntah apa apa lagi, I’M FINALLY DONE WITH MY RESEARCH PROPOSAL!

One assignment down, three more to go. Deadline: 2 weeks. Haih apa cerita tak habis2 ni.

This one week leave that I took (though termed as cuti raya) had been hardly cuti at all. Others sibuk beraya, me sibuk buat assignment. Even when people come over to my house I kept myself locked in the room coz I had so much work to do! Siang malam siang malam sampai hari apa pun dah tak ingat.

Today my dad asked me again, do I really want to continue doing MBA? At this point in time I have no answer. Part of me wants to prove that I can actually do it. But the other part of me just hate all the work and stress that come with it that I just want to drop everything off and move on with life.

Like I said earlier, I’m giving myself one semester. No, I’m not going to sabotage it by not doing anything in hope of failure. Nope. In fact, I’m going to work hard, really hard, to succeed. After that, if it’s not meant to be, then so be it, I’ve already tried my best.

In the mean time, 3 more assignments await!


-farahsu- said...

oh my dear kazern.i agree with u.just give a try for 1sem.u've nothing to lose pun. ;).insya Allah,aku doakan success will always be urs. i know u can, Malaysia Boleh! :D

sheri said...

yup, give it a try (i'm sure ur gonna try hard) :) sedangkan i yg full time ni pun mcm nak nangis, ni kan u yg work full time and study part time. but i'm sure ure gonna complete it la. i know ure capable of it. i have full trust in u :)

really, i do. all the best babe!

Fertzy said...

with the hard work that you're putting in, insya allah beb.......

dieya said...

farah - sheri - noly,

thanks for your motivating words! rasa semangat nak berusaha gigih.. ganbatte!