oh raya.. come faster!

I had a wonderful rest over the weekend. Not doing any assignment or work. Just relaxing. Didn't mean that I was done with those mindboggling stuff, I just needed some time to unwind, to chill. Watched endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Slept through the afternoon. Wonderful.

As the week begins, reality kicks in. Work starts to pile up. I have a major task to do - preparing a board paper. Need to read lots of policy papers, accounting standards, maintenance manuals, annual reports etc. Those legal and engineering terms can be pretty hard to understand. Sometimes I have to read the same line three times to grasp the meaning. Penatlah buat benda ni. Sakit kepala dibuatnya. Still have to get it done anyway.

And there's studies, can't leave that one out. 2 assignments and 2 mini researches. My raya break is going to be spent doing a mini research that's going to due on the immediate Saturday after raya. Argh.. enough talking about this. Tak mengujakan langsung.

Nasib baik ada chocolate sale to cheer up my week. And the kuih raya, kerepek and cake that I ordered from kakak2 kat office pun dah ready. Office pun makin kosong, many have already started their leave.

Can't wait to go home!

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