the night of search concert

Remember my post about Search concert? Sapa tak ingat tu pegi laa selongkar post last month, tuan rumah ni malas nak cari balik link nyer. I was so upset (well, not just me, I believe all Search fan who went to the concert was too) coz the concert started late. Though Amy apologized saying that they were stuck in traffic, no one believed him (not me at least). I mean yeah, traffic was bad, but there must be some other way they could get to the venue on time. Ever heard of police escort? Or a helicopter? Or even a bike?

I couldn’t get over how upset I was about the concert. Bayar mahal, start lambat, sound system pulak teruk giler. Until now. Yup. Why the change of mind? I just read Engku Emran’s blog (yeah that’s Erra Fazira’s husband, the CEO of Suria FM) about what happened that night. Barulah rasa kesian sikit (sikit je tau tak banyak) kat Search and the organizers.

Haa dah tau macam man agiler nyer traffic time concert, belajar laa dari pengalaman ok. Lain kali nak buat concert, pandai2 prepare police escort ke, escape route ke, plan B C D E F G ke apa2 yang patut.

Eh lupa pulak nak bagi korang link to his blog. Klik kat sini.

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