ho ho ho balik kampung

I’m home! Yay! Bersusah payah bangun pagi tadi to eat sahur and get ready to go home. After eating I really felt like going back to bed. But I wanted go home! So I thought, better get ready quickly and hit the road before traffic piles up. Last night I told my dad that I would leave KL around 6-ish this morning. Tapi pagi tadi still dok terhegeh-hegeh kemas2 laa, angkut barang laa.. by the time I warmed up the engine it was already 6:50am. So much about travelling early.

It rained all the way from KL to Melaka. Sometimes heavy, sometimes it drizzled. Once I reached Kajang, the gridlock starts. Alamak, pukul berapa mau sampai camni daa. Nasib baik minyak ada ½ tangki so tak kalut laa. Why was everyone on the road at the same time as I was? I thought people had already started balik kampung since Thursday?

Sempat juga ambil gambar sambil driving. Handphone (to snap pics) in my right hand, steering wheel in my left hand, eyes on the road through the lense. Hebat juga my multitasking skills.

This was somewhere before Seremban. The rain was less heavy, but the traffic condition was the same.

Then as I passed through Seremban, suddenly from afar I saw something on the other side of the road.

So this was what causing the massive jam! A huge lorry overturned and went into the drain on the side of the road. Of course as Malaysian when there’s an accident on the other side of the road, all of us just have to slow down to look at it. You know what I call it: GAWKER’S JAM – 1Malaysia style.

Sure enough almost immediately after I passed by the scene the traffic eased up. From there onwards, it was a smooth ride all the way home.

Yippie! I’m finally home! Let the celebration begin!

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