festive mood -> work mood

I’m having a tough time concentrating at work today. Ada je yang mengganggu. Maybe because it’s the first week after a long break, festive mood is still there, yet so many things to do already. Susah nak concentrate. Buat ni sikit, ada org call. Baru layan call, ada orang email pulak mintak info. Oh well, I shouldn’t be expecting any different since it’s only here in Malaysia we are still in festive mood, everywhere else it’s business as usual.

This morning we had a breakfast session for two trainees who are leaving us today and to welcome our new boss. Dah habis puasa, kenalah celebrate bermakan-makan :-) As usual, every eating session ends up with abundance of food, so no need to go out for lunch today. I’m just going to eat the leftover mee goreng, meehoon goreng, sambal sotong, karipap, kuih lapis (or in my kampung we call it kuih genggang) and a variety of raya cookies that my lovely kakak2 brought to office.

It’s a bit noisy outside coz there’s thunderbird practice. Not sure for what though. Biasanya thunderbird practice happen bila dekat2 nak merdeka, or LIMA show, or whatever aircraft show. As far as I know there’s none coming up soon.

Suddenly feel like having a good cup of macchiato. That would definitely boost my spirits up. Malas pulak nak berjalan pegi Terminal 3. Next time laa.

My starbucks tumbler. I love it. The cutest design of them all.

Farewell gift from my trainees - a bun-shaped phone accessory. So cute and spongey, boleh makan ke?


Anonymous said...

betul, mggu nie xda mood nak kje. me, sgtlaa x produktif...huhu

dieya said...

itulah.. agaknye lepas 1 week baru mood datang balik kots