a student's nightmare

I had a nightmare a couple of nights ago. Perhaps it was the cough syrup which made me sleep for 10 hours. Or perhaps it was the paranoia (isk paranoid lagi!) of going back to school after such a long time.

I dreamt that I was sitting for my mid-term exams. I was halfway through answering the questions. There were 4 questions, I had to answer 2 (Note: This part actually relates to real life. Last Monday my lecturer reminded his students to only answer 2 out of 4 questions and not to switch questions in between to avoid time wastage). I already completed the first one by writing perhaps 5 pages of essay. I wanted to move to the second question, then only I noticed the instruction – I had to answer ALL 4 questions! Oh shikes!

I glanced at my watch, I only had 20 minutes to answer 3 questions. I flipped through the question booklet and read the remaining questions. Question 3 looked easy, perhaps I should attempt this one first. I had only written half a page when the invigilator announced “Time’s up!”. Oh no! I only answered 1.5 questions out of 4! I had only two words left in my head: BAD and DEAD.

After the exams (panjang pulak nightmare ni ye, maklumlah tido 10 jam) I calculated the probability of passing the paper. I figured if I could get maximum marks from the 1.5 questions that I answered in mid-term and full marks from my assignments, I could still pass the paper provided that I scored a distinction in my final exams. I felt a bit calmer, perhaps it wasn’t that bad. Then beep.. beep.. beep.. my alarm clock went off. End of nightmare.

Now I’m sitting here thinking, God is really kind to me. He’s reminding me to:
1) Read the instructions carefully before answering the questions – Even though my lecturer has said “answer only 2 questions”, don’t take the exams instructions for granted. The one on paper is the one that matters.
2) Manage my time properly – Why on earth did I write 5 pages for one question, leaving only 20 minutes to attempt the next one?
3) Start studying for my mid-term – The real mid-term exam will happen in a week and I haven’t studied a bit. I really have to start!
4) Do my assignment well – So I have something to fall back on to save my grades.

What a nightmare!


Fertzy said...

perghhh!! nevess siyotttttt...ini mmg betul student's nightmare!

i think i used to have a daymare too...ekekekek....still remember, tgh tido tiba2 rasa mcm aku dah terlajak time utk pegi exam....masa terbangun tergezut tue rasa mcm semua benda jatuh berguguran...panic! sampaikan tiada kata kata yg boleh diucap selain kata2 yg tidak bisa difahami oleh diri sendiri, tp aku kagum kau boleh paham bahasa alient itu suatu ketika dahulu...hahaha

aper2 pon, all the best for ur exams!

dieya said...

thanks darling! aduh.. mmg horror laa nightmate tuh.. terus insaf.. cepat2 start study n buat assignment!

aku pun kagum dengan kebolehanku memahami bahasa alien ko.. hahhaha.. sungguh ajaib

nafnaf said...

wahahaha. ini macam cerita real...

kelakarlah ur dream. tapi byk hikmahnya tu, nasibbaik terjadi dlm mimpi aja...

dieya said...

itulah.. nasib baik mimpi! ada hikmah juga kan.. memang nak kena prerare betul2 ni.. erkksss....