celebrating ramadan's arrival

Suddenly rasa macam dah lama tak photo-blogging. I actually really enjoy photo-blogging. No need to type so much, people say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Yet at times I do feel like rambling my heart out, especially if I have something interesting to share and I don’t have a photo to show.

I’m not really an avid photographer; I just love freezing interesting things that I see into photos so I can look at them again and recap the wonderful moments. I don’t even own a digicam. I don’t know how DSLR works and I don’t intend to learn since I don’t plan to get one anyway. It's so bulky and unstylish. However I do admire the quality of photos that DSLR produces. My dream camera – a compact Sony Cybershot with touch screen (I have no idea what model it is) preferably in metallic pink.

Lately blog looks pretty bland without pics. So I’m going to put pics of the food at this little breakfast session at office on Friday, just one day before Ramadan. Yes, we ate to celebrate fasting ;-)

Main menu #1: Mee goreng

Main menu #2: Meehoon goreng

Side menu: Roti jala (no pic of the curry coz it was almost finished)

Dessert: Chocolate muffin (so yummy!)


niSamiR said...

hey..Happy Fasting and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!

dieya said...

thanks niesa :-)
happy ramadhan to u n ur family!