busy august

August is going to be one very busy month for me. I have assignments lining up, mid term exams, also work stuff to attend to. Not to mention that Ramadhan is coming up, meaning lesser productivity than usual. Yes I know, I shouldn't use fasting as an excuse for not being productive. I will have to try my best to be productive anyway since I'm going have lots of things going on around me.

I've already penned them on my planner. Next I think I'm going to post them here to remind me what is due when.

One thing at a time. Urgency versus importance. Must have a life too. Balance. Usaha. Doa. Tawakal.

August is going to fly really fast.


Fertzy said...

busy august? wala...ku pon tgh "blackout period" skang ni...huwa....nyawey!! nyawey!!

dlm pada gitu, blog nak updet jugek...ekekekek

dieya said...

itulah, busy. but like u said, blog tetap update kan! blogging to me is like a therapy. busy2 pun update jugak ;-)

nufeww said...

Hi Nadiah, so long already. Envy you, I also want to take MBA, hopefully soon when the time is right. Insyallah.

dieya said...

hi malik, what a pleasant surprise! i baru je start mba ni, still in my first sem. u kat jb kan? utm pun ada mba jugak, 100% coursework, tapi mahal sikit from um.

nufeww said...

Hi Nadiah, I dah check MBA kat UTM. Interesting option. Cuma buat masa sekarang, keadaan ekonomi yang tak mengizinkan. :-)