4.5 hours drive home

Back in sweet old Melaka. Left office at 4.30pm yesterday. Went to pick up Hz at his campus, then headed to hometown. Heavy traffic all the way heading out of KL. By the team we reached McD drive thru at Mobil near Sg. Besi toll plaza to get our iftar food, it was already Maghrib. Goodness, it took us more than 2 hours just to get out of the city! Under normal circumstances I would have already reached Melaka.

As we passed Sg. Besi toll plaza, more traffic awaited. It was quite a strange sight coz traffic doesn’t usually pile up immediately after the toll plaza. Usually cars only go bumper-to-bumper from Kajang or Nilai onwards. Yet this was how it looked like at 7.30pm yesterday.

MMS-ed this pic to my dad to tell him we were going to be really late. The power of technology, enables you to prove that you are not merely whining.

Conclusion, I only reached home at almost 10pm.

Maybe I should suggest to my new MD to get Firefly to fly from Subang Airport to Melaka.

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