For the first half of the week I was bz attending a training session. Balik pun lambat, 10pm on monday, 9.30pm on tuesday. Honestly, since I joined the company, the latest I stayed in office was till 7pm and I was the last person to leave. Takut woo, cepat2 blah tak pandang kiri kanan dah. So last monday tu kiranya pecah rekod la, itupun bcoz mmg the training program was designed to last till late.

The training was really interesting. We went thru what we need to do to transform the company and survive the financial crisis. I also met an old friend, Alvin, whom I used to work with when I was stationed at company K. He was there to learn how our MD planned to drive this transformation thingy.

Apart from the usual classroom stuff like lectures, case studies and presentations, we also got to do some fun stuff. We learned how to juggle, which sampai the last day pun I still couldn't master so tak payahlah berangan nak masuk Cirque du Soleil. We also did painting. My group mmg tak berseni so all we did was just splashing the canvas with many colors and cakar ayam je laa. However it did turn out rather nicely. Tak caye tengok ni.

One of the case study that we did was on starbucks. I was really into it. I brought my tumbler, paper bags and even dig up my trash bin for my housemate's plastic cup from the night before. Too bad my group didn't win the best presentation award, but I thot we did pretty well.

My group - Baristas Blues

It was a really good experience. Got to meet ppl from other departments whom I otherwise might never know. Yer laa we hv 19,000+ employees worldwide. Kalu add semua kat facebook pun belum tentu sempat nak baca status message semorang. Interacting with them makes me understand what they do and respect them even more. After all we are all on the same boat.. err.. plane!

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