tempeyek @ rempeyek @ tumpi

kadang2 during those hours between main meals i.e. circa 10am to 11am tiba2 rasa lapar sangat2. tak sabar nak tunggu lunch hour. in the mean time mata mulalah melilau cari apa benda boleh munching. usually i would ransack our little so-called pantry area to find whatever leftovers to keep my stomach from merintih kelaparan.

when i was stationed at company K we used to have this food cabinet stocked up with all kinds of junk food you can think of. so bab2 mengunyah ni mmg takde masalah laa, there would always chips, twisties, biscuits, chocs etc in the cabinet - the reason why i gained so much weight. not to mention those many time we organised events which meant dining on marvellous hotel buffets.
restocking the cabinet was fun. conrad would give money to salina, then salina and zu and sometimes myself would go for a shopping spree. there was once we sent ka vee to do it, but he ended up buying food yg ntahapapa like mango flavored zip chocs that tasted horrible. moral of the story - never ask a single guy to do grocery shopping.

here in my current ofc food is in abundance. there's always somebody bringing something to the office for sharing. if we need more, there's no need to go out, there's always a kakak somewhere in the building doing side business of selling kerepek, muruku, cupcakes, muffins etc.

there's this kakak in my dept who sells this tasty tempeyek @ rempeyek @ tumpi (choose which one u wish to call it, depending on which state in malaysia u r from). my favourite is tumpi kacang dal, but she didn't have it in stock, so i bought tempeyek instead. very yummy! nanti raya boleh order kat dia laa.


-farahsu- said...

mmg bes ke? aku nak orderla nnt.klu byk lg murah kan.hehehe.

niSamiR said...

dunno whether i already inform u or not...i've restricted my blog dt some reason...plz kindly provide me ur email add k here or my FB message pon boleh...:D

dieya said...

farah - best! inilah makanan kudapan aku bila tiba2 lapar kat opis :-)

nisa - woraits! i'll msg u on facebook later

eiseai said...

ka vee mmg fail. beli ntah apa. sekarang BB beli kat giant...fooo lagi byk junk food, best :)

p/s study smart future mba-ian.

dieya said...

wargh.. montel laa korang makan junk food memanjang

thanks! i just went for my first class yesterday, garang giler lecturer tu.. huh.. still recovering from yesterday's trauma