sitting or squatting

Took this pic in a cubicle inside of ladies toilet in UM city campus. I bet this kind of sign can only be seen in Asia. Asians are so used to squatting we need to be reminded not to do that on sitting toilet bowls.

I remember watching a documentary on China’s preparation towards 2008 Olympic Games. This sort of important guy (perhaps Beijing’s mayor) proudly showed foreign journalists that they have built many (maybe hundreds) of sitting toilets around Beijing for tourists/athletes/delegates from other countries to use throughout the games period.

I remember thinking, what’s the big deal about having sitting toilets? A friend of mine, a Malaysian Chinese who often travel to China then told me why. He said that going to public toilets is one of the most horrendous experiences in China. They are all squatting toilets. In lesser developed part of the country, they don’t have water or toilet paper so you have to bring your own. And get this, they don’t have doors! Imagine yourself “having a go” in a line with a bunch of strangers doing the same thing. Eeiiww.. yucks! To avoid that, my friend said, the people resort to carrying umbrellas everywhere. Why? So that when they want to have a go, they just squat down somewhere behind a bush, open the umbrella, and presto!

My cousin was in China a few months back for a holiday. She totally agreed on how unhygienic the people are. They cough out their phlegm in middle of a packed restaurant. As for toilets, she wasn’t surprised to hear about the go-with-an-umbrella thingy. During her visit to one of the zoos there, a bunch of elementary schools kids were also there for a school trip. One of them needed to have a go so he told his teacher. Guess what the teacher said? She asked him to take off his shorts and do it right there and then! My cousin was shocked, but she later learned from her local friends that it was absolutely normal. Toilet training must be the least important things to educate to kids there.

My mum has always wanted to go to China. After listening to my cousin’s horror stories, I’ve never heard her mentioning it again. Have you been there? Any toilet-related experience or tips to share?


nafnaf said...

hari2 ada! kat ofis (we share toilet dengan another agency).

mmg gaya melayu , suka nak squat atas sitting toilet sampai jadi hitam kat atas tu.

hari-hari makan hati, sampai kena tampal notis macam gambar yg kau post tu.

since then, no more stain on the sitting toilet.
mmg kena educate certain ppl, i guess they just dont know.

Fertzy said...

my son had different understanding on gambo orang duduk berak tue, not long time ago.

he tot it meant for OKU because ada certain logo tue looks like orang duduk atas kusi roda.i didnt notice it until he said it. haha!

speaking of toilet-related experience, i think the best toilet i ever experienced was the one at Japan. siap boleh pilih2 lagu dan mcm mcm jenis button to entertain while doing the business. coolllll yeah...

dieya said...

naf - memang menyampah sungguh dengan org2 yg uncivilised mcm tu! kalau nak menyangkung sangat, pegilah cari jamban cangkung. i guess diorg tak pernah tengok the forwarded pic of a lady yg paha dia terbelah sampai ke tulang when the sitting toilet she was squatting on suddently fall apart. ngeri giler! patut kena tampal gambar tu dalam toilet baru sedar kot.

noly - hahaha kelakar pulak muiz ingat tu gambar OKU. toilet kat jepun mmg best! when we were there a few months ago, my mum kept saying how she loved going to the toilet, sampai nak beli satu japanese washlet bawak balik mesia. nasib baik tak beli betul2 pasal aku ngan angah takde kuasa nyer nak angkut jamban naik flight!