more training

Starting today until tomorrow I'm in another training session. It's called ABC100, short for Airline Business Course (beginner's level). To put in simple terms, it's all about basic things that you need to know to run an airline.

Like the previous training session I attended (Leadership Development Program), I didn't expect to bump into anyone I know. So it was a nice surprise to enter the training room this morning and see 3 colleagues that I met during LDP attending ABC100 with me.

An even bigger surprise ensued when I saw 2 people that I knew from Company K were there in the same room. Miss H was my senior in EY. She left EY about a year ago and joined Company K, much to the dismay of EY big bosses of course. Then there was Mr R who worked in the department in which I was stationed at in Company K, until he got promoted and transferred to another department. (Note to Salina and Zu: Yes, it's HIM, mamat kuat merengek tu. Remember?)

Had a chat with Miss H on how she ended up here. Apparently both her an Mr R are with us on secondment arrangement from Company K. From my personal observations while working in EY with her for 3 years (though we were never in the same team), I know for a fact that Miss H is really good at what she does. Hence, I'm glad that she is here with us. But for Mr R, oh well, let's just put it this way: The training started at 8:30am. He came in at 9:00am. By the first tea break at 10:30am, he was nowhere to be seen until the end of the day. I almost thought I was seeing things until Miss H confirmed that it really was him that I saw. And when I asked her where Mr R was, her answer basically sums it all, "Well.. you know him.. he 'flies'..". I guess old habits die hard. (Salina and Zu: Silalah report kepada TMD, baru masuk sebulan dah buat perangai!)

As for the training itself, I really enjoy it. The content is superb. The facilitators have massive experience (both have been with the company for more than 30 years - when they joined I wasn't even born!). Apart from 4 of us (me, Miss H, Mr R and another new joinee), for the rest of the class (of 30+ people) each of them have been with the company for more than 10 years. Those at my table kept telling me to work here until I retire, and that wasn't the first time I heard of it. In my head, I keep collating info on those tiny little things that make these people so loyal. When I'm satisfied with the findings that I've got, maybe I'll blog about it.

Oh there's an assessment test at the end of the course tomorrow. I better go an study now, so I can pass it and go to ABC200 soon.


Anonymous said...

hahaha..i know..i know siapakah itu..

mmg gitu lah perangainya. sama lah masa di sinun dulu kan..hahahaha...

jgn menyampah sgt nadiah, kang terjodoh kang...hahahaha


dieya said...

huwarghhh terus i dah menyampah zu! nak jadik best fren dah ni! (sila jgn muntah ok hahaha)

u tau tak (best fren konon still nak ngumpat jugak heh) on the second day buat dia buat juga perangai camtuh. semorang sedar tau dia 'fly' pasal kat sini takde siapa buat camtu time training. kat sini asal ada training je semua commited coz staff semuanya sgt loyal and passionate abt the business. so bila dia hilang, mmg laa obvious yg dia tak committed.

dah laa dia baru masuk kan, then seconded from Company K pulak kan, u tau i siap dengar org2 lama dok sindir "maklumlah busy" bila notice dia 'fly'. padahal u tau senior staff yg dtg tu semua dah keje belas2 or puluh2 tahun, lagi busy, tak pulak 'fly'.

then bila abis training ada upacara bagi sijil, memang confirm dia sorang je yg takde. trainers siap kata "any of you haven't get a cert? if you haven't, you can take Mr R's cert!"

entahlah zu, i as a staff kat sini rasa heran kenapalah orang mcm ni yg dibawa masuk utk transform the company. kalau i yg baru pun rasa tak best, org lama apa lagi kan. kalau nak compare dgn Miss H memang mcm langit dgn bumi, she was always in the class, asked a lot of questions and contributed a lot of ideas too. mmg patut laa Miss H kat sini dapat post manager, Mr R dapat post associate manager jek, padahal kat Company K dua2 pun AVP kan.

i pulak rasa segan pasal staff sini ramai tahu dulu i was stationed lama kat tempat korang so i kenal Miss H and Mr R. last2 i buat2 tak kenal jek kat Mr R, kalau i kata dulu satu ofis karang sure staff sini semua tanya perangai dia dulu mcm tu jugak ke. nasib baik ada Miss H who made a really good impression, kalau tak sure staff kat sini hilang respect kat org2 dari Company K lepas ni.

Anonymous said...

Cross Assignment = Talent.
Talent = Mr R..???



eiseai said...

tunggu dia demam...takkan dia "fly" punya.