michael jackson's funeral

While driving to work this morning, I listened to Fly FM. The deejays talked about memorial service for Michael Jackson which was aired live on 8TV at 1:00am last night. Wanted to watch it but after a long day of training session which ended at 9:30pm, by the time I got home I could barely keep my eyes open. Fortunately there will be a repeat telecast tonight on 8TV at 10:15pm. Not gonna miss it!

Back to Fly FM. In addition to describing the funeral progression, thay also aired snippets of speeches from ppl who spoke at the service. Among them are Brooke Shields and Magic Johnson. One speech was a notch above the others. It was froms his daughter, Paris Katherine. It was a simple speech from a little girl who just lost her father. But hearing it, on the radio, without even seeing her face, brought tears to my eyes.

"I just wanna say that ever since I was born daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine. And I just wanna say that I love him.. so much.."

She said it with such pure innocence of a child. I could hear her sobbing. I could feel her sadness and pain. As I hear her said her last sentence, tears rolled down my cheeks. How blinded we were with all the hype surrounding his demise that we forgot he was just another human being, a father with children who were heartbroken by his death a million times more than any fan in the world. How unbearable must it be to lose a parent, a kind of pain most ppl could not even imagine.

My only hope is for his children to grow up to be wonderful human beings. Hopefully better than their father had ever been.


sheri said...

i cried too. tersentuh.

dieya said...

sedih kan.. never thot i would be moved to tears merely by hearing a kid's speech on the radio. sampai2 jek cepat2 repair make-up yg dah sememeh, kalu tak mesti org tanya apahal nangis ni.. if i answered bcoz of MJ mmg confirm kena gelak!