first day at school

This has to be my most encrypted post ever. Bear with me, you'll find out why.

Last week I went for my first ever MBA class. Unfortunately the class for Subject A was cancelled. Since I already missed the class for Subject B the day before, I decided to hop into Subject B's class which was also available on that day. Alang2 dah sampai campus kan kalu terus balik membazir jek. At least I could do some catching up.

It took me less than 5 minutes to realize that taking Subject B in my first semester was a BAD idea. The lecturer scared the shit out of me! FYI the reason I wanted to take Subject B this semester was because it was recommended by the faculty for new students to begin their studies with Subject B. Furthermore, if only I could disclose what Subject B actually was (which I wouldn’t coz manalaa tahu ada budak UM tersesat kat sini pegi report pulak kat lecturer garang tuh), anyone would say “Alaaa Subject B senang je, rugi tak ambik.” Let me tell you, the essence of Subject B may be kacang putih, but the lecturer sure has a way to make the students’ lives miserable. First there will be 2 group presentations for each student. Topics to be presented must be supported by quotes from academic journals only. Copying and pasting are major no-no, the journals need to be discussed and criticized and the group must come out with a conclusion based on what they read in the journals. Then there’s a group assignment. Same concept as the presentations, but a lot of writings involved, just like how you do a complete research with extracts, introduction, literature review, bibliography and all. The moment I heard it, mak ooi.. this is not the only subject I wanted to take this semester. Add on things that I have to do at work, boleh pengsan ni!

So there goes my plan to take 3 subjects this semester. Almost immediately decided to drop Subject B. More over the lecturer sendiri told the class “If you plan to take 3 subjects in one semester while you are working, you better think twice. And if one of them is my subject, you are going to die.” Hah, straight from the dragon’s mouth. The lecturer also said about how strict he/she is (notice how I avoid the gender reference hehehe) about giving marks for presentations and written assignments. Pendek kata, no play play haa. Panjang kata, macam subject dia saja laa yg students have to focus on. Kalau ginilah caranya, amik one subject per semester is already enough to make students busy. Ye lah, have to do literature review on 3 different topics (2 presentations and 1 written assignment), serupa macam ambik 3 subjects!

Fast forward to last night, I went for my Subject C class. Punyalah macam langit dengan bumi berbanding Subject B. The lecturer was so nice and funny and shared a lot of real life experiences relating to the subject. I was so glad I registered for this one!

Tomorrow I will go for my Subject A class yang got cancelled last week. Some seniors said this one involved a lot of calculations. So kira balance laa, Subject C cerita2, Subject A kira2. I'm hoping this one will be a good choice.

I have promised myself to enjoy my time as MBA student and treat it differently from how I have treated my undergrad and ACCA classes. I want to make this experience a satisfying one. Buat apalah stress myself out ambik 3 subjects pasal nak cepat habis, at the end of the day I may not even know what I’ve learned, or worse, tak confident nak masuk exam coz tak sempat nak cover semuanya.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve made the right decision. InsyaAllah I'm on my way to be a MBA student who leads a fulfilled life by balancing her studies, career and personal life well. Ya Allah please guide me, amin!


sheri said...

yup dieya, so true. balance is the way to go! good for you :)

niSamiR said...

hey dieya...haha..i pun budak master je nnt...then br smbung wv that PhD thingg..hureyyy!!!

dieya said...

sheri - yeah balance baby! i wanna have a life :-)

niesa - jom kita buat master! sheri dah lepas dah, now our turn pulak. i dunno yet nak sambung PhD ker tak. settlekan mba dulu then baru pikir.

naf said...

wah wah semua org sambung study, i oso want lah...but CFP aja insya allah. takmampu den nak sambung master/phd...berkarat.

rajinnya budak taiping sambung study, i wonder why.


dieya said...

naf.. CFP "aja"???
gempak laa buat CFP tu! bukan senang tau nak buat professional certs.. good for you! wah wah wah lepas ni bleh laa mark-up consultation fees to clients yek. nasib baik dah beli ngan ko b4 u get ur CFP ;-)

psst.. nama pun budak taiping.. skema! hehehehe