back to school

I am officially an MBA student! Went for registration on tuesday. Sampai UM kol 2.30pm parking yg dekat dah penuh. Kenalah parking jauh. Jalan kaki pulak with my pink stilettos tengah2 panas terik nak ke bangunan.

Nak register kena ambik nombor macam kat bank. They also gave me a form pre-printed with my name and personal details. On the form kena tulis apa subjects nak ambik for this semester. I registered for 4 subjects but since i'm getting exemption for 1, I only hv to study for the remaining 3. InsyaAllah boleh bawak. Yakin boleh!

Sementara tunggu turn sempat ambik gambar. Rasa kelakar tengok org2 kat kaunter tu pakai masks n rubber gloves macam nak buat surgery. Takut sungguh diorg ni kena swine flu yek.

Ramai jugak international students yg register, but i think most of them are full time students, so their classes will be in the afternoon instead of evening classes like mine.

This side buat payment for the fees. After that buat matric card, register for student e-mail and register the subjects.

Classes will start nx week. Belum apa2 dah kena ponteng 2 classes coz I hv to go for a training at work which will last till late. Hopefully kelas yg awal2 ni ajar yg senang2 so boleh catch up nanti.

I'm so excited to be a student again! To learn new things, to engage myself in smart discussions, to meet new ppl n learn from them. Dulu masa buat bachelor tak appreciate semua ni, maklumlah budak2 lagi. Masa ACCA pulak tak sempat nak appreciate coz my focus was all about passing the exams. This time around I want to have a different approach: besides performing well I want to enjoy the experience too. Semangat! Ganbatte! Jia youe!


sheri said...

congrats babe. leh la gang, i officially register early july and orientation 13th :)

rasa muda dan bebas kejap..hahaha

good luck gal! ur so darn smart, ure gonna breeze through it, no worries

niSamiR said...

good luck dieyaa..heyy welcome to student life u r doing full time ke part time??1 year je kan MBA??waaa..pasni boleh bukak buziness sendiriii....

dieya said...

thanks sheri n nisa!

jom kita sama2 go back to school. i buat MBA, u both doing PhD already.. jelesnyer!!!

my MBA is for 2 years if i follow the suggested schedule. kalau nak lepak2 sikit boleh extend till 5 years. but kalau boleh i wanna finish it as soon as possible, tapi taknaklah hectic sangat coz i wanna be able to enjoy life too. so ikut je laa the suggested schedule.. hopefully everything will go smoothly.