are you fit to be a parent?

Dear parents, how much do you love your kids? Most say the love is so overwhelming there's no word to describe it. Many are willing do anything for their kids. Some will even kill for their kids. If that's really the case, why in God's name do you do this?

Why do you ride a motorbike with two kids on board? Why is that only one of them wears a helmet? Why is the other one practically standing on the foot rest while clinging onto the handles for leverage?

Why oh why, dear parents, if you love your kids so much, do you risk their lives as such?

The photo was taken on my way home from work, at a ramp off federal highway, which only meant that they had been riding circus-style along the 3-lane roads of the busiest freeway in the country!

Guess some people are just not meant to raise a child, for they themselves have yet to grow up.


niSamiR said...

It's common here kan..sometimes pity some parents..they not affordable to buy a car but this is not the way to carry their children..

dieya said...

itulah.. when ppl don't have certain things they resort to the easiest possible solution, irregardless of their own safety. i kesian dekat budak2, tak pasal2 kena bertarung nyawa.