tergolek dog (part II)

remember my entry on dogs that died by the roadside? yeap, happened again.

last friday on the way to work, saw a lifeless dog lying right opposite terminal 3, on the road leading to kl, on the right lane. it was 8am-ish, high time of rush hour traffic. add on a dead dog on the right lane to the equation, no prize for guessing the answer.

yg bestnya there was a traffic police monitoring the traffic flow. as usual all he did was to stand there making sure ppl didn't jump queue or use the emergency lane. one wonders why he had no audacity to remove the dead dog. yes, by the looks of if he appeared to be muslim, but that was no reason not to act. he could have worn gloves, heck, of course he had gloves, he was a traffic police. if he didn't want the trouble of having to samak, he could wrap his hand with plastic bags, that would do. my point is, if he wanted to do something, it could be done. no excuse. i am sure Allah's good deeds will bestow upon him for saving His creature (the dog) from further harm and making life easier for fellow human beings (motorists). well, maybe that didn't dawn upon him did it?

yesterday morning i saw another dead dog. again, at federal highway leading towards shah alam, next to the right lane by the concrete divider, just before naza auto mall. a big light brown dog, looked healthy. siapa punya agaknya. thank God it was no longer day when i used the same route this morning.

wonder why lots of dogs commit suicide these days?

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