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It's 5.30am. I'm at KL Sentral, wide awake and all charged up. Today marks my first outstation trip with my current employer. Something that I don't really expect to happen considering that my role doesn't require travelling. Unlike my previous job of which travelling was part of work. There was a period during which I travelled so often that I could notice the smell of jet fuel everytime the plane was about to take off. Not a nice smell unless u r a mat pit yg suka hidu gam or minyak tanah or yg seangkatan dengannya.

Pause: KLIA Express train has arrived, let me board first.

Ingat nak sambung on the train, but I got occupied with chatting with a fellow passanger - Kak Ana - who was flying to Dubai. She works for a Swiss construction company. Her job requires her to travel to Dubai a few times a year, each time she stays there for one or two months. We talked about many things - job, travel, kids (hers of course) etc. Nx thing I knew the train already reached KLIA. Time flies when u hv good company.

Ingat nak sambung kat KLIA pulak then terus post the entry using the free wifi, tapi slow banget pulak connectionnya. Nama pun free kan. So simpan dulu entry ni and pegi buat apa yg perlu dibuat.

Checked in using the self check in kiosk. Sangat cepat dan mudah! U can get ur boarding pass secepat withdraw duit kat atm. All u need is ur e-ticket number. I was so impressed. No wonder line kat check in counter pendek jeks.

Then went to have nasi lemak for breakfast while waiting for kak rosmah to arrive. Nasi lemak telur mata + teh tarik = RM13.50. Biasalah airport price. Lupa pulak tunjuk staff ID if not boleh dpt 20% discount.

Kak rosmah arrived. Bawak dia check in guna the self check in kiosk, maklumlah bila dah pandai guna sibuk nak suruh org lain guna jugak ;-) Sempat pulak tolong ajar sorg minah yg blur2 nak guna kiosk tu. Felt great to be able to do good deed early in the morning.

Headed to the gate. Boarded flight MH 1202 08:00 KUL-AOR.

Next entry: Nice experience on board. Tungguuuuu...

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