day 1: reuniting with an old friend

Lepas balik from pekan rabu, we dropped by a shopping mall adjacent to holiday villa. Tak ingat apa namanya. Sempatlah kak rosmah beli baju untuk anak2 dia. I just bought a packet drink at billion supermarket and a waffle. Dah kenyang makan nasi goreng paloma. Then we went back to the hotel and rest. We decided to stay in for the night coz penat dah seharian kerja and jalan2. Plus I had actually made plans to meet someone for dinner.

The night before I went to alor setar I made a call to an old friend - akmar. She was my classmate in high school and I hadn't seen her since we left it. It was 11:15pm and I had doubts whether I should call her. I didn't have her mobile number, only her house number from more than 10 years ago. What if she no longer lived with her parents? What would her parents think of me calling their house late at night? Then I thought, lantaklah try je. So I dialed the number, asked for akmar, lo and behold she was home!

After all the shrieks and screams (maklumlah dua2 terkejut + excited to hear each other's voice at the other end) we decided to meet at holiday villa on the night I spent in alor setar.

When we finally met after more than 10 years, we both agreed that neither of us changed much. Had a good chat until midnight, trading stories of our current lives and updates about old friends.

The expecting mum:-) She's 3 months preggers. Org mengandung sulung ni mmg muka berseri-seri yek?

X-Classmates Reunited (ala2 X-Men Reunited hehehe). Tengok the buffet huts teringat pondok kat dataran usahawan tempat kami jual burger kat sekolah dulu.

To akmar, thank u so much for coming to meet me at the hotel even though u were not feeling too well with ur pregnancy allergies. So happy to see u, hopefully we won't have to wait 10 more years to see each other again!


niSamiR said...

oo akmar ke ni?nmpk lain la..mula2 mcm tak cam..hehehe....die kat alor star ke skrg?keje kat mana?kawen ngn sape?wah wah wah..byk soklan...hahaha

dieya said...

a'ah dia laa tu. yeap dia stay ngan parents dia kat alor setar. keje as assistant district officer of pokok sena. kawen ngan org alor setar jugak, katanya rumah PIL just 5 mins dari rumah parents dia. tak dpt jumpa her hubby coz her hubby keje kat jitra, so weekend wife laa ni. hahaha apa lagi nak tanya? nnt i ask her visit my blog bleh dia jawab sendiri hihihihh

sheri said...

wah..akmar eh? tula, suruh la dia join fb :). mcm ingat2 lupa, but bila dah tgk gmbr mmg ingatla... :)

Fertzy said...

dieya!! finally jumper blog ko di alam maya ini....aku add ko in my blog list kayyy

dieya said...

sheri - itulah dok propa facebook kat dia hari tu. she only has friendster. ada facebook senang sket nak keep in touch kan!

fertzy - yeay.. wah glemer nama fertzy gitu! jumpe jugak yek ko. eh apesal ko nyer profile takleh access? meh bagi ur blog address, i want to link urs to mine jugak!