baju raya

My boss is awesome. No, i'm not saying that to suck up to her in front of the entire world, in fact she doesn't even know I have a blog. If she does, I bet she will yell "oh ini rupanya keje hang!" with her cute northern accent.

So why is my boss awesome? Apart of having that strict-yet-compromising (of course within acceptable boundaries) attitude which is perfect for a boss, she is also nice and caring towards her staff. Case in point, she bought each of us a pair of kain pasang just in time for hari raya tailoring rush.

Some people may think it's still early to think of baju raya. We r now in early rejab, raya is more than 2 months away. But I tell u, living in kl, good tailors close orders even before fasting month. I went to medan mara a week before last year's ramadan to tempah my baju raya. Out of dozens of tailors there, only one agreed to take my order. I nearly gave up asking one tailor after another to a point that I was ready to beg, scowl, bribe or do whatever just to get my baju raya done, regardless of seeing those big fat notices in front of their booths saying "maaf tempahan raya sudah ditutup". Until I met one makcik, her booth was near to the exit. She agreed to take my order. Agaknya kesian tengok I pegi satu booth ke satu booth semuanya reject. I asked her to do 4 pairs (yeah I was pushing my luck), she said she couldn't promise anything but she would try to finish at least 1 pair so I would have something new to wear on hari raya. A few weeks later, just a couple of days before I balik raya, she called me to ask me to come and pick up my clothes. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that she not only completed 1 but 3 pairs of my baju! I was so happy I thanked her countless times. When I brought them home and tried them on, the fit was perfect! She's my favourite tailor ever since.

In my wardrobe I actually have 3 pairs (1 kurung asli, 1 kurung moden, 1 kebaya) that I haven't worn. Not that I don't want to, i'm actually dying to wear them but there has been no appropriate occasion for my glamorous bajus. In addition to the 3 new pairs, I have 5 pairs that i've only worn once and a few more that i've only worn 2-5 times. Itulah sapa suruh buat glamor2 kan dah segan nak pakai gi keje, kalau tak banyak juga baju2 tu dapat airtime. Ni pegi keje hari jumaat pakai baju prep kat sekolah dulu, yang baru2 still dalam plastik dry clean duduk dalam almari.

The thing is baju2 baru I tu all of it kain yang orang bagi, except for one kurung asli made of pure high quality thai silk that I bought as kenang-kenangan pegi bangkok tahun lepas. Of course bila orang bagi kain I mesti buat baju yang glamour2 lip lap semua coz I nak bila I pakai baju tu jumpa orang yang bagi I kainnya, si pemberi akan rasa dihargai coz I buat baju yang cantik dari kain yang dia bagi. Tak kisah laa walau kain tu harga rm5 semeter, kalau pemberian orang I mesti akan tempah design yang glamour, kadang2 design ngan upah je tiga kali ganda harga kain. So bila design dah glamour, mestilah fragile kan, so kenalah hantar dry clean. Dry clean baju kurung/kebaya mahal tau, so I jarang2 laa pakai to avoid paying for dry cleaning. Tu yang gi keje pakai baju prep, senang kucampak saja ke dalam washer.

Back to the kain that my boss gave me, I don't think I'm gonna make it my baju raya. My baju raya must be glamorous with labuci or sulam etc. Segan nanti nak bawa pegi keje, so tak dapat pulak boss tengok I pakai kain yang dia bagi. But kalau buat baju biasa2 je tak syok laa. I'm thinking of doing baju kurung moden. Since kain ni berkaki, i'm going to enhance the kaki by outlining the kaki pattern with manik at hujung lengan and hujung bawah baju. Glamour tapi tak terlalu vogue, still ok laa untuk pakai pegi office. What do u think? I'm open to suggestions.

The background is dark gold with black motives. The upper part is the portion for the baju, the lower part for the kain (i think, or vice-versa.. whatever). The white edge is just basi hujung kain, so we can ignore that. Hence the edge will actually be black. How do i turn this into a work-appropriate-yet-gorgeous traditional outfit?

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