apostrophe.. apostrophe.. did i get the spelling right?

Before I continue telling u the story of my adventure (hah adventure sgt ler), let me tell u the drawbacks of posting entries via email. My previous entry was posted via email using my mobile phone. When using mobile device it is cheaper and faster to post entries via email than via blogger dashboard webpage. Reason is email only displays plain text unless u choose to download the attachment, while webpage displays everything unless u set ur browser not to display any multimedia (pics, vids etc.). So naturally, loading email requires less kilobytes hence less money paid to maxis and less loading time.

Now abt the drawbacks. I noticed when my email post appeared here, all the apostrophes were replaced with funny characters like <i>'</i> or something like that. So annoying! I ended up having to login to blogger dashboard and amend my post from there, which defeated the purpose of posting via email in the first place.

Another drawback is the formatting of an email post follows the formatting of the email. Meaning if ur email post is written using arial font size 10 (bcoz u hv set ur outgoing emails to have such format), that is how it is going to appear on the blog. Forget all the fancy schmancy fonts u set on blogger dashboard, not gonna work. I am sure there is a way blogger can overwrite email formatting, but I have not quite figure out how yet.

Since I am still blogging on mobile, I will have to go through this entry one more time time b4 posting it to make sure there is no apostrophe. Tu pasal skema giler english guna full words semua, macam jawab exam 1119!

Owh, going 2 hv breakfast. Lapar la. Later!

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