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i got tagged (bunyinya macam i got punked jek.. hehheheheh) this one is courtesy of sheri, my ex-schoolmate. this tag is almost similar to the '25 random things about yourself' tag that i got from pjot on facebook. kalau nak diikutkan malas, nak jek copy n paste the one on facebook to here. tapi tak syok laa kan.

tag ni ada 3 tasks:
- Nyatakan 5 fakta MENARIK tentang pemberi award ini
- Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award yg seterusnya
- Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnye dan describe tentang mereka

mula2 kena tulis benda2 best pasal sheri.

1. i take my hats off to her, honestly. at this young age (she and me both sama2 young kan sheri kannn) she has accomplished so much personally and professionally. she's happily married with 2 lovely kids, migrated to a wonderful country and pursuing a PhD! she's practically living the dream life of every malaysian woman, myself included. though she always rants about how homesick she is and how she wishes for family n frenz to be nearby, still i think she has done a superb job with her life. hats off to you babe! takleh tudung off laa kan nnt bukak aurat pulak ;-)

2. when we were in school sheri selalu lepak bilik aku coz she and erin (my roommate) are like siamese twins separated by force trying to get glued back together. both of them were into that bryan guy from backstreet boys (i think?). nasib baik bryan tu dah kawin kalu tak mau bermadu minah 2 org nih.

3. she looks like wardina. 'looks' or 'looked', i'm not so sure. dah lama tak jumpa sheri in person and she has kembang and kempis along the way, thanks to having 2 kids (jangan marah haa yg penting u already kempis!) but i still believe that iras2 wardina tu still ada. tak caye cuba tgk gambar terbaru wardina ngan adik beradik dia kat bawah tu. kalau sheri enterframe sure org ingat adik beradik jugaks.

4. she in a true blue kl-ian. there may be some arab or mamak blood and singapore decendency thrown into her genes, but all said and done she's a true city girl. it's quite amazing that she has turned up to be the lovely lady that she is, given all the temptations of living in the city. her parents must have done a great job.

5. though i've never seen sheri in mummy-mode, i do believe she's a wonderful mum. not many young mums would breastfeed their kids after they finish confinement, especially not when they are up to their nose with PhD assignments. that alone make a statement of how great a mum she is.

cuba tengok tang lubang hidung mmg sebijik macam sheri ;-p

ok now about me. tiba2 rasa banyak le pulak nak kena tulis 10 perkara. apa nak tulis nih....

1. sheri said i got attitude. kena laa proove that i actually got one, so here's the most "attitude" pic i can find in my laptop pasal all other pics r in my external hard drive. attitude tak attitude.. amikkkk!

2. instead of writing stuff about myself, i actually wanted to put 10 pics of the things that decsribe me. tapi pasal security laptop ofc ni kuat sgt it couldn't or wouldn't access my external hard drive. hence u guys will have to bear with whatever pics that i have on hand.

3. my greatest love - shoes. heels on workdays, sneakers on weekends. the first three stacks of boxes are zila's (my housemate), the rest r mine. the shoe rack we share with rozi (another housemate) though she only has like 5 pairs.
4. next greatest love - handbags. this is my latest purchase, burberry blue label which can be turned inside out. one side black leather, the other side classic checkered fabric. i so totally love it! walaupun sekali sekala rasa menyesal kenapalah beli handbag semahal ini, but whatever.. i love it!
5. i don't go shopping often, but when i do, i do it by a truckload (exagerrating a bit but u get the idea). kalau tak mana dapat all those shoes n handbags kan, takkan buat sendiri kot. ni gambar hasil my latest shopping spree earlier this month.
6. i like starbucks. no matter where i go i look for it. i makes me feel right at home on a foreign land. this pic was taken at a starbucks somewhere in auckland. i look so tembam.
7. i have a new hobby - collecting coins. i got this awesome coin case where i can put my coins according to size. once filled the value will be a perfect rm10. then i'll go to the canteen and exchange it for rm10 note. tauke kantin sangat gembira bila tgk muka saya, kadang2 selang sehari dah tanya ada syiling lagi ke. tunggu laa cukup rm10 mesti saya tukar lagi.
8. my family is part malay and part chinese. this pic was taken on chinese new year. ingat nak letak gambar raya jugak satu but since external hard drive tak boleh access so takde laa gambarnya kat sini.

9. my favourite cartoon movie - monsters inc. sangat suka movie ini boleh tgk sampai keluar air mata tau. kiddie? boo!
10. last one. nak letak gambar apa ek? owh there's this one awesome pic that i took in a toilet.. saspen tak? it's an instruction from narita airport on how to use the toilet. canggih sangat weh toilet kat jepun, kalau tak baca instruction serious tak tau nak nak tekan apa. karang kita nak flush dia pegi sembur air satu cubicle tak ke haru. almost all toilets i used in tokyo canggih camni (naf - kat tempat lama hang pun gini jugak ka?). gambar toilet yg lawa tu kat rumah my makngah, kat rumah pun pakai toilet canggih woo. my mum sampai nak beli satu bawak balik mesia tapi pasal me n my bro jeling semacam so tak jadi laa. sapa sanggup angkut jamban naik kapal terbang???

now kena tag orang lain pulak. since i don't have many friends that i link to my blog, i'll put all of them here sans sheri n naf n niesa coz sheri hv tagged them.

1. ina leman - ina is her name, leman her hubby's name. since i hv so many friends named ina, i call her ina leman. she n leman hv been together since form 4 n now happily married with a bunch of cats. practice bela kucing b4 bela anak.

2. salina - we worked together at klcc. supermom of 4 boys, she gave birth to all of them within 5 years! suka travel mcm i and she travels with her hubby and all 4 boys in tow. owh, did i mention she doesn't have a maid? and owh, she's not some cikai makcik u know, she has a masters degree from uk and works with a prominent company.

3. sokkies - one of my kroni at uni. now teaching in sandakan. sangat suka budak2. though she has a decent degree, she chooses to be a teacher coz she luv being around kids. seblom dpt kpli and jadi cikgu sekolah she used to teach at a kindy for rich kids dkt bangsar. among her students were anak2 tiara jaquelina n anak edry kru.

4. sapa2 yg visit blog ni n ternampak tag ni - YOU GOT TAGGED!!! silalah buat ya n let me know so i can gv u credit for doing the tag.


eiseai said...

my dear!! yes, we love the same thing, travelling!! u should see this cikai makcik at home. menjerit like nobody's business hehehe.

eh ur shoes collection...gilos!!

Anonymous said...

beg lawa! worth it beli..


dieya said...

but of course ;-)
hope ur boys tak practice selective hearing, kalau tak membazir jek test vocal power hahahaa

thank u, u make me feel much better!

sheri said...


i wrote a rather loong comment, and i thought it has already been posted. when i checked today to read ur new post, takde!!!! boleh tak? buat susah je i type pepjg.

so skrg ni i just pendekkan jela my comment:
i love your bag..sooooooo cantek gile!
the japanese toilet is so bersih, leh tido kat dlm..hahaha
didn't know u were part chinese, cool!
i miss those times when we were in tepen, lepak bilik erin n u :)
your shoes-kalah emelda marcos!

thanks so much for doing the entry. really great to read things that you wouldn't write unless you're tagged :)

take care

dieya said...


ouch sedihnya.. penatlaa u taip panjang2 yek. anyhow thanks dear, it's the thought that counts ^_^

yeah u r so right, the things u learn abt the ppl u think u know so well!

p.s. thanks for ur concurrence on the bag :-D

Aida Rezuan said...


Amboi! Meriah sungguh kasut2 Dieya yer? Nih kasut pakai ikut hari ke ikut kaler baju? :D

You are so dangerous when it comes to shopping, eh? :D

dieya said...


kasut and handbag mesti match dgn baju.. kalau tak mulalah i rasa tak seimbang satu badan ;-)

and kalau dah pakai one pair hari ni, esok takleh pakai the same pair, nnt tak adil kat kasut2 lain.. boleh tak? hahaha!

yeah.. when i go shopping, it's as going as going to the gym.. banyak kedai kena pergi, barang kena angkat, tak payah dah lari atas threadmill or angkat dumb bell!