reunion island

have u heard of reunion island? it's a country in the indian ocean, near to mauritius. population is largely african, indian n chinese descendants brought over by french colony to work at plantations many years ago. something like what british did in malaysia. mix n match the three, they become a new breed called creole (sounds familiar?).

i watched globe trekker with ian wright, this time around he went to the tropical islands of indian ocean, namely mauritius, seychelles n reunion. whilst the earlier 2 r household names (thanx to hollywood celebrities for vacationing there), reunion island is relatively less popular.

when i was in ey i had this intern who worked for me, a pretty chinese girl who can't speak a word of chinese and no malay at all. she went to french international school in kl, then to uk for her degree. her mum is a french chinese from reunion island. that was the first time i ever heard of that place, also the first time hearing the term "french chinese". i did believe her though as she looks like any chinese girl u see on the street, only that she speaks english with a twang. never heard her french so can't comment on that, not that i know a word of it.

i remember her telling me that her kampung is not in france, but french territory. i had a difficult time putting it in context so i simply stored it my memory as french territory = france. after all she speaks french wt her mum n everyone in her mum's side of the family (me trying to justify my own logic.. hehehehe).

now that i know how reunion island looks like, i got to erase whatever perceptions i had about it and replace them wt new ones. no glitzy designer boutiques and acres of vineyards, its all about markets selling fresh tropical produce and beautiful sandy beaches. must be a great place for a relaxing vacation. at least hollywood royalties don't hang out there, so things like hotel rates should be cheaper than in mauritius.

wonder if they sell nice shoes though ;-)

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sheri said...

i learn something new today, thanks babe ;)

dieya said...

no probs ;-)