girl talk weekend

yeay! the scheduled post function does work! bravo! bravo! tak sia2 pindah rumah kat sini.. hhihiihihih

this girl is safiyyah adrieana. an almost 2-year-old with a mob of curly hair and an amazing smile. she is ila's daughter. ila is my good fren during pre-u. we had a blast back then going out and about town, living the carefree life. now we seldom see each other, both of us r bz with our own things, more so for her since she's now a working mum whilst doing her mba part time.

me n ila had a girl talk lunch over the weekend. venue: restoran muhammad chan bin abdullah in glomac biz centre kelana jaya, somewhere near giant hypermarket. the food was awesome. we had white rice with butter prawn, omellete with crab meat filling, thai chicken and steamed tofu. drinks were limau asam boi and longan juice. i definitely recommend it to everyone. bukan senang nak cari restoran chinese muslim. i know amy search has one in wangsa maju but his is a bit upscale and the food come in several courses. restoran muhammad chan bin abdullah has a concept like any other restaurant, u can either order dishes or ala carte menu like sizzling yee mee, cantonese kuey tiow etc. the price is also ok. and i am not kidding about the name, it is indeed called restoran muhammad chan bin abdullah. tak percaya pegi laa cari.

sekali sekala girl talk lunch mmg best. cuma kesian kat ila coz adrieana tak bleh dok diam. biasa laa budak2. i sort of got a gist of how difficult it is being a mum, nak makan pun tak tenteram. the sacrifices u hv to do to raise a human being . no wonder ppl with young kids seldom eat out.

owh i also had coffee with nafnaf at starbucks on sat morn. kesian nafnaf kena bangun awal jumpa aku kol 8.30am.. hehehehhe! lama tak jumpa, banyak nak cerita but i had to leave early. we both wondered when would be the next batch 7 reunion? tauke reunion (dj dora) dah nak kawin, reunion time wedding dia jek laa. she's getting married to a fellow schoolmate jugak. memang sesuai!

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